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How do I play?

This site allows you to play your favorite multiplayer games for money. You must have XBOX, XBOX games, and an XBOX live account to use this site. (At this time we offer Halo 2 and 3 multiplayer online war games.) If you don't you can purchase all these items through the site while signing up, and play as soon as they arrive.

When you first come to the site, you can sign up for a free trial account and begin playing, or purchase site membership. An automatic email will be sent to you after you sign up (as trial or full member). This email will include your login and password, and an easy link for upgrading your membership when you are ready.

To start playing, you proceed through a simple series of drop-down menus. If you have XBOX and XBOX live, you will proceed directly to game selection. If not, you can order these through the site for delivery within 1-2 days.

The site uses your XBOX live account to automatically create your games list. If you don't own any games, or you want to play games you don't have, you can purchase them in real time from the site and start playing. The list shows types of multiplayer games available (team games, sniping, bombing etc) and you select the game to play.

Next you select the way you want to play the game (these are games within the game, ie, capture the flag, take the hill), and if you want to play for money. Trial users can play any game, but not for money. If you select "Play for money", the site will collect your credit card info and billing address (but not make any charges until you approve them). You select the sub-game. The site shows the cost of buy in, and the corresponding purse (what can be won). When you select the buy in amount, your card is charge just that amount, and the system collects the players to start the sub-game-and your start. Games typically take 10 minutes to play.

If you win, the site automatically credits your Gspot account. If you want to withdraw the funds to your bank, simply visit My Account and click the "Withdraw funds" button. Funds will be immediately sent to your account via Paypal. (It usually takes 3-5 days for the funds to actually arrive).

When you finish the game, you see game statistics, then can repeat the same game, play another, or leave the site.

What is the quickest & easiest way to get to get my game winnings?

To get paid, simply login to your account and click the "Payout" button. This transfers the funds to your bank account via Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account in advance.

I forgot my account or password. How do I retrieve them?

Click on the retrieve password link and enter the email address associated with your account. Your account info will be resent immediately.

What browsers does your site support?

The Gspot site supports Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox 1.5+ and Safari 1.2+ If you are using a non-listed browser, please immediately download and install one of the supported browsers to play.

How do you assure my money is safe?

We completely protect your money in two ways: 1) we do not store your credit card information. We pass it directly to our bank merchant account, and they store it for us on their secure servers. No one at Gspot has access to your card information. Only transactions that you authorize can be placed, and funds can only Gspot; 2) When you store funds in your Gspot account, you are the only person who can view the balance. Further, the funds can only be withdrawn to the bank account associated with your account email address.

Is your site secure?

Yes, we use industry standard 128 bit encryption for the transmittal of all personal and credit card information.

How long do payouts take to process?

After you click the Payout button, it typically takes 3-5 business days for the funds to arrive in your account.

What fees do you charge?

Our fee system is straightforward. You pay your signup fee of $20. This gives you complete access to the site for a year. Your membership will automatically renew at $10 per year unless you cancel. The only other fee is the 10% cut we charge to each purse. This runs our site. There are no other fees.

How do I cancel my membership?

Please send an email to with the subject line "Please Cancel My Account". Please include your membership name and the date you want your account canceled. Your credit card information will be permanently deleted.

How do I get technical support?

First, please check our technical support FAQ. We have answered most common questions there. If you still need help, please email us at, or contact us via our 24/7 tollfree number (888) 619-5794.

What are benefits of different membership types?

At Gspot, you can sign up for free now and start playing. As you get better and start winning games, you can upgrade your membership and start playing for money.

A.Trial Members

As a free trial member, you get complete access to the site for 30 days. You can play all games, but not for money. Your trial account can be upgraded at any time.

B.Site Members

Site members play for money. For $20 (year one) and $10 per year renewal, site members play for money, have all there gaming success and history stored on the site, and automatically advance in rank as they win. Site members can participate in tournaments with others at this member level. The top ten finishers in the site member's tournaments (for each game) get to play in the professional finals.

C.League Professionals

Only League professionals ($20 upgrade fee, then $25 / year renewal) can enter special tournaments. You must be a site member first, and play a minimum of 25 games before you can upgrade to League Professional. Professionals automatically get to play in the finals each year. Professionals get discounts when entering playoff tournaments. For example Professionals get free entry into yearly playoff tournaments.

PVP - person v. person multiplayer game
F2P - free to play game


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