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attention all g-spot games


This is it, 2009 is here and all the corprate red tape and delays are gone so lets bring in the new year gamer style, There will be halo 3 games held every tuesday and thursday hourly (starting at 4pm et/1pm pst) from now on. So get your sticks ready it's time to start getting payed for what you enjoy "laying a beat down on so fools".


Remember this is a gamers site build and producted by gamers, all you comments and input will be much appreicated as this is only a beta site. lets do work. good luck


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professional gaming tips for first person shooters

I wanted to let all of the halo 3 players know about a great YouTube show called (halo 3 Tricks). a new episode comes out every week.the show focuses on halo3 only and always has great info and tips. Tune in and learn the tricks that the  MLG pros use. Its a great way to step your game up If anyone has similar information on where to find halo3 tips and tricks please share.

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Gspotgaming.com grand opening

Hello everyone, welcome to the Gspot . If you are already a member then we would like to thank you for your patience while the site is getting the bugs worked out. I would encourage everyone to browse the site and see all it has to offer. Weather you are intersted in playing for money or just playing and being able to keep track of stats and keep in better touch with your gaming friends Gspot is for you.  The first game available for live money , is Halo2 . Shortly after that we will be releasing other games. Dont worry if the Gspot doesnt have your game yet, Because we are constantly working on adding more to the site. 
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